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for ALDI


No medium is subject to such rapid change as social media. Good. That gives us the opportunity to constantly reinvent our clients and ourselves from a creative point of view. Over the course of a year, we create an extremely large number of individual campaigns. I would like to highlight a few here. Happy scrolling.




for ALDI Nord


In Germany, the early start of sales of Christmas products such as speculoos and dominoes during the summer is the subject of controversy. Critics find it “fAr tOo eArLy” and “disgusting”, while others LOVE it. This cultural dilemma was addressed with a fitting campaign on social media, created in collaboration with creator and number one rapper Ski Aggu.
Aggu is known for his fusion of winter and summer elements, which made the campaign particularly authentic.

The case in a nutshell

Our strategy was to get Aggu’s community to persuade ALDI Nord to produce his new music video for the upcoming song “Gensehaut” by using his very own channels and language.

This approach transformed the campaign into an authentic collaboration between him, his fans and ALDI, making it an ideal fit on social media rather than a contrived brand cooperation.

An authentic teaser in the artist’s voice announces an upcoming track. The only line he uses for this in his channels is a statement for the ALDI brand.

In the second step, he communicates publicly with our brand asking to support the creation of a music video – as a thank you for featuring our brand.

After the cooperation was approved under the eyes of his followers, he created further assets with our products in focus and releases the music video.

For me, this campaign is 11/10. Everyone in my circle of friends knows it.

– A guy on LinkedIn I agree with

From TikTok to the charts
The track, which began as a brand collaboration, ends up as a real Ski Aggu song on the #1 album “Denk mal drüber nach”, which immediately conquers the top of the charts.

+ Awards, Info & Credits

Accenture Song
Creative Direction
Sebastian Haus, Alex Grapp, John Drewes (CD)
Anita Müller, Michael Lautner (Senior Creatives)
Betremariam Tebebe (Art)
Sören Hoven, Mesut Gürek (Motion)
Asil Teker (Producer)
Rayene Rezouani (Director)
Till Tinsky (DoP)
Art Directors Club Germany

Deutscher Digital Award

The Cash Receipt Oracle

for ALDI Nord


As a child, you used to write a wish list to Santa Claus at Christmas. Today, people write one thing above all else at Christmas: shopping lists. And one thing is certain: show me your receipt and I’ll tell you who you are! That’s what the majority of customers think – because Germans have a penchant for studying other customers’ purchases.

In four hero pieces, podcaster Laura Larsson, known for her keen powers of observation, reacts to customer’s receipts and takes us into her imagination.

At a time when the big Christmas messages are sometimes tiring, this could set a precedent in the advertising landscape.

Horizont / Best Christmas Ads 2023

A native Get Ready With Me in her very own style kicks-off the Christmas campaign on the creator’s channels and arouses her followers’ curiosity.

Activations and cross-promotions between the creator and ALDI deliver consistently entertaining content from Spotify to TikTok and Instagram.

Laura’s freedom to express her creativity is repaid by the community with lots of love. The fit between creator and brand once more cannot be doubted.

+ Info & Credits

Accenture Song
Creative Direction
Sebastian Haus, John Drewes (CD)
Fenja Drießen, Patricia Tautz (Senior Creatives)
Julia Mücke (Director)