The Stencil Promotion

for Welt kompakt


Because its coverage focuses on the essence of the news, the WELT KOMPAKT is different than other daily newspapers. It comes indeed in a compact format and features content that is precise and cut-to-the-chase. We promoted this benefit with a surprising promotion: In coorperation with Starbucks, we placed WELT KOMPAKT-sized cover sheets into newspaper holders in their coffee houses. Every sheet has a number of cut-outs that, in conjunction with the first page of the newspaper below, produce a short headline boiling down the original news article to the essential information. Just like the WELT KOMPAKT itself. Stencil laser-cutting technology allowed us to react quickly to the latest news.


Promotion // Newspaper // Scholz & Friends
English: Scandal surrounding dioxin in eggs // President Ben Ali stepped down // School chaos: Berlin lacks 400 teachers.
Awards, Info & Credits
Scholz & Friends
Concept, Art Direction
Sebastian Haus (Art)
Johannes Stoll (Art)
Felix Heine (Copy)
Mathias Rebmann, Florian Schwalme (CD)
Eurobest: Finalist
New York Festivals: Finalist