And we meditated till sunrise.

– Hojin Kang

If we had run into each other,

you’d probably say I’m easy to spend time with. Bad at parking, good at listening and even better at daydreaming. I am also a passionate traveller and curious nature with a heart beating for minimalism, distant places and close friends. I enjoy the coherent sound of working bicycle chains, Cy Twombly’s work, good humour and bad jokes. Always up for a session in sports, meditation and motorcycling to synthwave.

Currently I work as Senior Art Director at Accenture Song and lecturer at University of Applied Sciences & Art, Hildesheim.

Some people like me

11/2018 – today
Accenture Song / Kolle Rebbe
Senior Art Director

06/2016 – 07/2018
Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Senior Art Director

07/2013 – 05/2016
(Junior) Art Director

11/2010 – 04/2011
Scholz & Friends
Creative Intern

Some people like my grades

10/2019 – today
Lecturer (Advertising Design)
University of Applied Sciences & Art, Hildesheim

02/2017 – 07/2019
University of Applied Sciences & Art, Hildesheim

10/2008 – 04/2013
Design Diploma
University of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken

Some people like my work

A’ Design Award
Art Director’s Club of Europe
Art Director’s Club of Germany
Art Director’s Club of New York
Cannes Lions
Clio Awards
Effie Germany
Epica Awards
German Design Award
Golden Award of Montreux
New York Festivals
One Show
Radio Advertising Award
Spotlight Festival
Webby Awards
… and others.

Three publications I am featured in

Visual Identities for Start-ups and New Businesses.
Gestalten Publishing

Inspo Finds, Collection I
Celebrating the latest design work, up & coming designers.
Inspo Find Publishing

Luerzer’s Archive
The creative resource for advertising professionals worldwide.
Luerzer GmbH, 04/2018

Ten tracks I want to use in my commercials

Selected clients I worked for