Chronically Human

for Apo


More than half of all Germans are chronically ill. A frightening figure. But at least as frightening are the prejudices and stigmatizations with which those affected have to contend. With our creative platform it’s time to make a stand for health positivity and show the world that being chronically ill is #chronicallyHuman.



– Being human is the best medicine. #chronicallyHuman // Every second one of us is chronically ill. Let’s talk about it.

– Multiple sclerosis has a thousand faces. Mine, for example.

– My strength: Showing weakness.

I am not “the one with ADHD”. I am Nils. #chronicallyHuman.

– How I feel? At least well advised.

The Podcast

One of the most important elements that provides dialogue and exchange of opinions is the campaign podcast. Here, experts have their say, addressing important topics on chronic diseases from the community and encouraging people to deal openly with the issue.

+ Info & Credits

Accenture Song
Art Direction
Sebastian Haus (Senior Art)
Max Wort (Senior Copy)
Patricia Wirth (Art)
Sofia Christidou (Copy)
Ursula Ritter, Joshua Mackowiak (CD)
Nicolina Knapp (Director)